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March, 2014 was our month!!!!!

Ode To Authoring a Book

As many of you  already know, Eva Sherman and I have completed our undertaking and submitted a  fabulous manuscript on Sea Glass. After several  trials and tribulations of what at one point I called  “Menopause at the Beach”,  the book is titled “Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry with Stunning Pieces of Sea Glass, Crystals and Stones“.

Take a peek at the front cover –

Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry

Our publisher, Kalmbach Books description:

Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry features an incredible breadth of styles, from delicate necklaces of sea glass, crystals, and pearls to bold cuffs and freeform rings. Jewelry makers will see firsthand the design potential of using found objects — and appreciate this beginner-friendly way to experiment with new jewelry techniques. See how wire wrapping, drilling, stamping, riveting, and more can showcase natural components at their very best.

Translucent pieces of sea glass become stunning pendants. Sand-polished beach stones morph into bold cuffs. This amazing transformation of simple raw materials into exquisite finished jewelry is at the heart of Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry.

The friendly collaboration between two inspired artists is reflected in their harmonious pairing of natural elements with free form wire and metal techniques. Each project features two versions of a design, resulting in 50 expressive pieces that take your breath away.

You can order  at Kalmbach Books or



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